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Holistic Program: Storytelling & Dramatic FUN Play


It all begins with storytelling. It requires the listening kids to pay attention for long periods. Listening to a story promotes a different area of brain development than what kids get from reading a picture book. The children use their working memory to keep track of the characters and what has happened so far, and relate that to new information as the story progresses.

2.Dramatic FUN Play

During dramatic play, children must hold their own role and the roles of others in mind. That exercises their working memory. They have to stay in character, which helps with their inhibitory control. And they have to adjust to the twists and turns in the evolving plot, which requires them to think flexibly.

Young children enjoy acting out stories and dramatizing events. This Dramatic FUN Play Class will provide the stimulation needed for them to become involved in creative dramatics. In this form of drama, there is no right or wrong way to perform-nor is there a memorized script.

The children can determine which characters they want to be from the selected story book of that week, say what they believe the character would say, and make the production as long or as short they wish. Creative dramatics, lets children have the opportunity to act in front of a small audience, formed of the teacher in charge and their classmates. In these beginning creative dramatic experiences, there is no stress for perfection or opportunity for failure. Rather, these activities are relaxed and unstructured and provide an appropriate and successful experience in drama for young children.

The children need to select the characters they want to play and the words they will use.

Learning Objectives for Children during the Dramatic FUN Play

  1. To develop creativity.

  2. To gain confidence in speaking in front of other people.

  3. To learn the social rules for being in the audience.

  4. To gain understanding of the elements of stories.

  5. To work with others.

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