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5 FUN Tips to Improve Your Child’s English.

1. Praise and encourage them with positive words.

2. Believe in them.

3. Read with them.

4. Use online resources in your favor.

5. Seek outside support.

The early stage of a child’s development is when their curiosity in English gets spiked up. At this stage, they find it quite easier to pick up and improve on a new language. Building up your child’s English opens them to the lifetime global opportunities that await a person well-versed in the English language.

Tip 1: Praise and encourage them with positive words.

Being appreciated and encouraged are what everyone longs for. Children, especially thrive on positive words in order to do better and impress all the more. Motivate them to feel good about themselves. Let them know that developing prowess in English does not happen in a day. Show your belief in your child by showering praises and correcting them with loving words.

As a parent, know that you can always make a difference in your word’s progress if you just stay positive!

Here is a noteworthy example; your child says to you: “Mum, you is beautiful!” Refrain from harshly correcting them by saying “Oh…you are wrong! The right words should have been ‘YOU ARE beautiful’”. We understand that you might be so desperate to help correct their mistakes right away. However, doing so would only discourage your child as it tells them to not try again next time. Time-proven facts show that the magical way to improve your child's English is by rephrasing your words to say things like: “Aww..Thank you! YOU ARE very beautiful too!”.

Tip 2: Plant the seed of belief in your child.

By believing in your kids, they will ultimately believe in themselves. We need to tell our kids more often than not to always trust in themselves. Consistently say words like: “You can do it!” and soon, your kids will take the initiative and say more boldly to themselves: “I can do it!”. Always remember: having a positive attitude towards learning is all that your child needs!

Tip 3: Spend quality time to read with your children.

Readers are leaders. Take the time to figure out and choose things that get them interested in reading. You can always start with a relatively small and easy book about their interest. Our duty as parents is to make reading and learning a fun and interactive activity so our kids can take up an interest in the learning process.

Spend quality time to read with your children.

Tip 4: Go online.

The internet covers a wide range of English language learning resources that you can download for your kid's betterment. You can go to Google Play Store to get education apps. Another route is to sign up for online learning programs which expose your kid to a whole new level of learning through stimulative methods like gaming. The online resource possibilities for improving your child's English are endless!

Tip 5: Seek outside support.

Finding the right learning community for your child can be time-consuming, but the benefits are well worth it. Seek tryouts sessions with a foreign language center within your locality. If their mode of learning jibes well with your kid, that's a good sign. Pick a coaching schedule that will work well, both for you and your kid. With the right methods, your kids will be onboard with the best English learning exposure.

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