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Congratulations, Sonya! We are proud of you!

In the face of positivism, not even the toughest of challenges can bring your determination down, and that's what happened with Sonya! Braving all odds that stood against her on her English Learning progress, Sonya painstakingly embraced Fun2Learn's methods of learning English.

Sonya didn't become this English genius in a day. She didn't just wake up and perfected her learning of the English Language. Sonya made up her mind to never settle for less nor give up.

With the contribution of her parents and Fun2Learn's professional years of English experience, she was able to successfully imbibe an attitude of perseverance, patience and positivity, finding her balance between them. Sonya found and developed her English prowess with a series of Fun2Learn's English learning materials which were particularly tailored to suit and excite her interests, taking her on a fun and relatable experience.

Today, Sonya now stands proud and tall as she finally receives her English graduation certificate. What Sonya once thought would be a dreary way of learning English turned out to be an exciting English Learning adventure at Fun2Learn Academy.

She serves as an outstanding example to her peers who find English Learning difficult to begin with. At Fun2Learn Academy, we bring out the very best in children as they learn English in a fun and exciting way! We believe in our kids and that it is never too late to start Learning English.

Congratulations, Sonya for brilliantly combining them and making it happen!!!

Fun2Learn Academy is extremely proud of you!

You deserve it!

Fun 2 Learn English Studio

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