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Our 3rd Anniversary !

Fun2Learn Academy is 3!

How time flies! Anniversaries are a time to not just be thankful for the learning journey, but to appreciate everyone who have been supportive of your endeavors. Fun2Learn Academy has never wavered in making English Learning a fun and exciting journey for children in Hong Kong.

Helping kids gain confidence in speaking and learning English is not just an activity at Fun2Learn Academy; we are proud to be creating the next generation of multilingual English geniuses here in Hong Kong.

Throughout those three years, you all have remained a pillar of support in providing exciting and fun English learning resources that kids would love to read. For all of that, we are so grateful for your contributions.

Watching the kids grow in learning and speaking English has been an absolute pleasure for us at Fun2Learn Academy.

Your feedback and opinions are definitely at the heart of everything we do and by listening to the people we care for, we will be able to improve ourselves more and more.

Fun2Learn Academy would LOVE to hear from you, so now we're holding an activity. Please kindly visit our Facebook page, share your opinions with us and tell us why you chose Fun2Learn as your kids' English learning hub in the comments on this post.

Here’s the link:

It can be either in English or Chinese. To extend our sincere gratitude for your participation, the most LIKED comment will be the winner. The winner gets a $500 ToysRUs coupon, while the first runner-up & the second runner-up will also get a $300 FUN 2 LEARN coupon respectively. Please don't miss it.

Your kind words mean a lot to us as they give Fun2Learn Academy the motivation to carry on!

不知不覺,FUN 2 LEARN已踏入3週年了。我們非常感恩沿路上一直有你們的支持和鼓勵,亦很榮幸能夠見證住小朋友們的成長。 為使我們能夠不斷進步,我們盼望能夠聽到家長們不同的聲音和意見。藉着FUN 2 LEARN 3週年,我們好希望能夠有更清晰明確的方向和目標,讓我們能夠繼續不忘初衷地向前邁進,我們期望知道家長們的意見和一直以來為子女選擇FUN 2 LEARN的原因。 此活動詳情如下: 我們誠意邀請家長前往我們的FACEBOOK專頁中尋找此post, 並於留言處上寫出意見和一直以來選擇我們的原因,好的壞的我們都定必會一一虛心聆聽。為表達我們衷心的謝意,留言獲得最多"LIKE"者,將會獲得玩具反斗城500元現金劵一張。而第二名和第三名,亦可分別獲得FUN 2 LEARN價值$300的現金劵一張。 你們的支持和鼓勵,對我們別具意義,望各位家長能夠踴躍參與! ***截止日期為5月31日***

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