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Baby Step Phonics – Our Newest Course – 2021

It is designed for toddlers and young English learners. It is meant to be a fun path to start their English learning journey.

Created to focus on letter recognition, letter sounds and pronunciation while building up vocabulary related to each letter.

The programme is created in a new innovative style, which can be used perfectly as in-class material (Circle Time + Flashcards + Booklet) as well as an online course.

Children will have the chance to practice each letter sound, learn new vocabulary and improve their pronunciation.

Colouring the right pictures.

Tracing letters.

Matching pictures with the right letters.

Learning new sight words.

Practice reading of relevant words.

Immerse themselves in a 100% English environment.

Give your young English learner the right material pack for his/her age. Enroll now!

You may have a peek at our Circle Time material and booklet.

If you would like to know more about our course, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: 25111488 / WhatsApp at 54067892 or email :

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