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English FUNdation Level 3
Get Ready for Primary School

不經不覺吖囡喺Fun To Learn就讀咗兩年,,諗起當初第一次帶Regina

Our Pre-Primary stage effectively prepares K3 students for primary school as we teach 80% of the P.1 grammar topics in advance. While all the other P.1 students are busy getting used to primary school life and are having difficulties in catching up with the new grammar knowledge, our students have already nailed the subject with the aid of our course, which is definitely a great advantage.

At Fun To Learn, building a close teacher-student relationship is one of our main goals. We believe that the strength of our student relationships makes the difference in translating our passion for teaching into their passion for learning.

Want to know more details about the methodology? Just read below.

   In general, primary schools expect children to enter with a certain knowledge of reading, spelling and sentence construction.

   In our English FUNdation Level 3 program, children will learn the basic word order of English sentences and some basic grammar concepts. They will not only be able to express themselves confidently and read more complex vocabulary, but they will also be able to write some simple sentences and spell different words.

   We teach our students in a fun way; we want to prove to our students that there’s never a dull moment when it comes to learning English.


Our Class Routine:

-         In the first 5 minutes, children greet one another as well as the teacher and get ready for the lesson.

-         From the 5th to 25th minute: During circle time, students will learn some new vocabulary as well as some basic grammar concepts.

-         From the 25th to 60th minute: With our well-designed materials, students will be guided by our teachers to practice their spelling and writing skills.

-         From the 60th to 75th minute: Teachers interact with their students through fun activities, such as:

                      -Spelling games,


                      -Flashcard games,

                       -Reading story books.

Main Features of the Course:

-         Listening,

-         Building self-confidence when speaking,

-         Reading,

-         Spelling,

-         Writing sentences,

-         Blending letter sounds.

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