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We Help You And Your Kids Master English With Confidence!

From "Speaking" to "Phonics" and "Grammar" to "TOEFL", we’ve got your kids’ English needs covered!

The 3-Step “Master English With Confidence” Plan.

Call us now at 54067892 to schedule a FREE Assessment at our centre.

1. Call to Schedule

3. Enjoy Learning English

Enrol on our highly recommended class.

After the assessment, we will be able to identify the most suitable CLASS and allocate an appropriate TIME SLOT for your child.

2. Professional Free Assessment

We help parents and local children who are struggling to learn English to improve within a short time and in fact master the language with Confidence in a FUN way!


Our idea is to create an English learning centre with bright beautiful colours, sunny and a home-like environment. We do focus on providing English programs for children who are from 2 to 10 years old. All our programs are carefully designed in order to suit different ages, through different fascinating stories, role play, arts and crafts, games, circle time, show and tell, worksheet time and all activities are meant to be fun as well as educational.


See what our students are up to! 


"Both teachers in Fun To Learn are well experienced and they show their enthusiasm for Education. We appreciate the learning environment in Fun To Learn where children can learn English happily. My two kids are looking forward to having their lessons in Fun To Learn every week and they always enjoy the time there."


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